Heroes of World War I

Here are many stories of heroic action during World War I. Irrespective of the side they fought for these people displayed remarkable courage. Although the tragedy of the war is often conveyed through the massive scale of the slaughter, sometimes this is better expressed through individual tales.

GermanyRussiaOther Countries
NamePortraitBornDiedAgedSpecificationRankWAR.ee Boutique Voice
Richthofen, Manfred vonManfred von RichthofenMay 2, 1892April 21, 191825Fighter pilotCaptainIs Manfred von Richthofen in You?
Richthofen, Lothar vonLothar von RichthofenSeptember 24, 1894July 4, 192227Fighter pilotFirst LieutenantThe Lothar von Richthofen effect
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