The motor engine TEP60-0924 with the factory number 1909 was built in Kolomna engine factory in 1980 and was sent to work in Zasulauks depot of the Baltic railway. The engines of this depot drove heavy passenger and fast trains on the railway lines Riga-Tallinn, Riga- Vilnius-Minsk, Riga-Volokolamsk (Moscow) and Riga-Zdolbunov (Lvov).

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The Estonian railway agency of the Baltic railway did not have its own passenger train engines at this time and here these trains were drove by the motor engines of Riga-located Zasulauks and St. Petersburg- Warsaw depots. The State Enterprise Estonian Railway (EVR) became the owner of TEP60-0924 in May 1992 when the passenger engines that located in Riga, were divided between three Baltic states. In the EVR rolling stock register the engine was given a new number 1006. Having passed 2,307,000 km, the engine was removed from work in the summer 1997 because of frequent breakdowns.

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The TEP60 series motor engines were constructed at the end of 1950s in Kolomna engine factory. The engine has a direct current diesel generator. The power of the push-pull turbo-loading V-16 diesel motor is 2205 kW (3,000 horsepower) at the rotation of a crankshaft 750 r/min. The limiting velocity of the engine is 160 km/h, working weight 129 tons. The TEP60 engines were built in the years 1960-1987 1,472, besides 116 more double engines 2TEP60, in total 1,704 units.

In Estonia TEP60-series engines drove since 1961 fast trains with up to 18 carriages with the weight of 1,050 tons.

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