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WWI Italian Infantry Weapon and Equipment (ICM 35686)

We glad to present to you a very rare “aftermarket” kit from ukrainian manufacturer ICM – “WWI Italian Infantry Weapon and Equipment” in 1/35 scale.

Kit contains two sprues with 188 details for assembly infantry weapons and equipment. Details are good quality.

List of details:

  • Villar-Perosa M1915 submachine gun with shield
  • Villar-Perosa M1915 submachine gun without shield
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 rifle with bayonet
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 rifle without bayonet
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 bayonet
  • Assault knife
  • Assault knife in scabbards
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 carbine with unfolded bayonet
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 carbine with folded bayonet
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 T.C. carbine
  • 1914 bandolier
  • Mannlicher-Carcano ammunition pouche
  • 1889 Service revolver
  • 1889 Service revolver holster
  • Glisenti M1910 pistol
  • Glisenti M1910 pistol holster
  • Beretta M1915 pistol
  • Beretta M1915 pistol holster
  • Trench club
  • Hand grenade
  • Mannlicher-Carcano M91 bayonet in scabbards
  • Small shovel
  • Small shovel with bayonet in scabbards
  • Pickaxe
  • Pickaxe with bayonet in scabbards
  • Wire cutters on a pole
  • Wire cutters
  • Respiration canister
  • Mess tin
  • Wood canteen
  • Metal canteen
  • Map-case
  • Binocular
  • Binocular case
  • Adrian steel helmet
  • Adrian steel helmet with mask and earpieces

We highly recommend this model kot for modellers, who build WWI dioramas and vignettes.

WWI Italian Infantry Weapon and Equipment (ICM 35686)

WWI Italian Infantry Weapon and Equipment (ICM 35686)



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      Assembly guide


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            • Easy assembly
            • Price-Quality
            • Strong card-box


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