Magic Mug “Chaos Maiden” Limited Edition


Brighten up your beverage with an amazing magic mug “Chaos Maiden”.

Our Magic Mugs are termochromic, meaning they change colours according to their temperature!

– 75 pcs ONLY!!!

75 in stock

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Give Your everyday routine an extra dose of historical charm.

Whether You’re more into morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening cocoa, a magic mug “Chaos Maiden” makes drinking that beverage a little bit sweeter.

Our Magic Mugs are termochromic, meaning they change colours according to their temperature!

Magic Mug “Chaos Maiden” with hot coffee, tea or water.


Mug dimensions: ∅ 80 mm (without handle), height: 100 mm.

Magic Mug properties:

Magic Mugs DO NOT

  • Various color options for handles and mug interiors
  • Our heritage mugs shipped in individual box, made from strong cardboard.
  • Printed to order in Estonia (EU) at the highest quality standards.


The Art
Original image info
  • Description: Chaos Maiden art.
  • Artist: Ivan Melnikov.

All Rights Reserved




Video presentation

Videos coming soon!

Copyrights / Permission:

© Printed image: Ivan Melnikov / Boutique

© Animated Mockup: Alexandr Bognat


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Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 110 mm


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