Near the coast of Belgium a WW1 submarine was found

In the North Sea near the belgian port of Ostend, a German submarine was found, the newspaper De Standaart writes. The submarine is at a depth of about 30 meters. It was sunk during the World War I and has 27 meters long and five meters wide. About the find was told at a press conference by the Governor of the Belgian province of West Flanders, Carl Dekalueve and researcher Thomas Termote. According to them, this is the eleventh submarine found in Belgian waters. Of all the finds, this vessel is the best preserved.

“In such submarines were usually 22 crew members and a commander,” Dekalouve said. Scientists believe that the bodies of crew are still inside. “All hatches are closed. This indicates that the boat was not found earlier, and that 23 people from the crew are still closed there”, he said.

Nose of the submarine is heavily damaged. Two bow torpedo tubes were found laying separately from the body of submarine.

Type UB II submarine at Zeebrügge sometime in 1916
Type UB II submarine at Zeebrügge sometime in 1916

The causes of the crash are unknown, but the nature of the damage on the bow indicates that the boat was blown up by a mine. The researchers believe that this is a UB-II submarine, which was built in 1915-1916 and could be submerged to a depth of about 50 meters. However, the submarine may be US-27, UB-29 or UB-32.

15 of 19 German submarines in Flanders are considered to be missing, and the find will help clarify the fate of 23 people who are considered missing.

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