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Ju 88A5 (ICM 48232) + test-build

One more new test-build on pages – scale model of WW2 german Bomber Junkers Ju 88A-5 in 1/48 scale from ukrainian manufacturer ICM.

Kit contains 235 plastic details, 20 clear parts, decal sheet and assembly/painting guide. Details are very good quality (engines, cockpit and chassis is fully reproduced).

Test-build process was without mistakes, but we reccomend this model for experienced modellers only.

The Junkers Ju 88 was a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engined multirole combat aircraft. Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke (JFM) designed the plane in the mid-1930s as a so-called Schnellbomber (“fast bomber”) that would be too fast for fighters of its era to intercept. It suffered from a number of technical problems during later stages of its development and early operational roles, but became one of the most versatile combat aircraft of the war. Like a number of other Luftwaffe bombers, it served successfully as a bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, heavy fighter and even, during the closing stages of the conflict in Europe, as a flying bomb.

Despite its protracted development, the aircraft became one of the Luftwaffe’s most important assets. The assembly line ran constantly from 1936 to 1945, and more than 16,000 Ju 88s were built in dozens of variants, more than any other twin-engine German aircraft of the period. Throughout the production, the basic structure of the aircraft remained unchanged.

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