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“Grand Maket”: diorama with russian character. Part II (+40 photos)

Today we publish another 40 photos about “Grand Maket. Russia” in 1/87 scale.

Every 13 minutes the lighting of the model is changed as day turns gradually into night. The night lighting lasts for 2 minutes. More than 500 000 LED lights in different colours were used to illuminate the model without creating shadows.

The movement of the cars in the model is realistic. The cars and buses stop at traffic lights, bus stops and flashing signals, and they change speeds and bypass each other. The electrical energy for the automobiles is obtained remotely from underneath the model, so the cars themselves don’t appear to have a power supply. This was the first use of this method for moving card in this way.

To optimize the traffic on the layout, it was built in many levels using more than 2,500 m (8,200 ft) of rails and 452 switch boxes. The total number of rolling stock is more than 2700, of which 250 are locomotives and 10 are special cleaning trains. The variety of the moving trains is created using two revolver exchangers that store up to 60 trains and dispatch them when needed. On the layout there are also two turntables which can turn the locomotives up to 180 degrees. The largest height difference in the model is 1 m (3 ft 3 in). This is achieved with over 50 m (160 ft) of spiral lifts.

Source: Wikipedia

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