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“Grand Maket”: diorama with russian character. Part I (+40 photos)

Some days ago I visited a very interesting museum in Sankt-Petersburg – “Grand Maket. Russia”. It’s very huge (about 800m2) interactive diorama, made by russian enthusiasts in 1/87 scale. And of course, i taked about hundreds photos and some videos from this magical place…

Grand Maket Rossiya is a private museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is a model layout designed on a scale of 1:87 and covers an area of 800 m2 (8,600 sq ft). In this area, collective images of regions of the Russian Federation are represented. It is the largest model layout in Russia and the second largest in the world (after the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany). The model is located in a two story building built in 1953, in the style of Stalin’s empire. The creator of the project is a Saint Petersburg businessman Sergey Morozov.

The model took five years to build and employed over one hundred people. First, a wooden frame to be used under the model was made. Then the foundations for the roads and railroads were made. Later, the model wooden ribs were installed and a layer of plaster (11 tons were used) was cast to create the desired shape of the landscape. The design of the surface took one specialist about a month.

The first visitors were allowed in the museum in April 2011. For the next 14 months, the museum worked in test mode, only taking visitors at the weekend. The official opening took place on June 8, 2012.

The model presents an image of everyday life in Russia, realized through models. These everyday situations represent different human activities, such as work, leisure, sports, studying, military service, country life, travel, mass celebrations and even an attempt to escape from prison. Ground transportation is represented by various kinds of cars and trucks, trams, buses, trains, and agricultural, construction and military equipment. Visitors have an opportunity to set things in motion on the model by pushing interactive buttons placed around the layout.

Source: Wikipedia

Glad to present to you a first part of my photoreview of this amazing place.

Waiting your comments and questions, my friends!

  • Article & photo: Deniss Ignatjev

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