We Can Help: Against Childhood Cancer

We are proud to announce that WAR.ee Boutique started the Campaign “WE CAN HELP: Against Childhood Cancer”.

Together we can be the best Team against cancer.

Collaborate in the fight against childhood cancer by simply buying items from our online-boutique and we donate 10-30% of their cost for children with cancer.

We invite you to pass this initiative along by sharing your photo with the our goods in Facebook or Instagram with the tag #WAReeAgainstChildhoodCancer


Children who We Can help

Evelina Matveeva (Maardu, Estonia).

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The family of Evelina Matveeva has been struggling with a terrible disease (brain cancer) for almost a year, the father of the family still cannot go to work and he could not work all summer. Every day Evelina had to undergo radiation treatment. Now it is the 18th course of Chemotherapy and Evelina needs even more care and attention.
The family is in a difficult financial situation and therefore we appeal to all good people: if you have an opportunity and desire to help the family please do it.

Facebook Group of Evelina

You can help Evelina directly. Here is PayPal of Jüri Matvejev (Evelina’s Father): motja2007.81@mail.ru


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